This is the progression of the building of our aquaponic system.  A lot of time and effort has gone into this
project but will be well worth it when the abundance of produce and fish is harvested week after week.
Sub Foundation Dirt Work for
66' Raft #1
Pre-slab forms for 3000 gallon
fish rearing tanks 1, 2, 3, and 4
Pre-slab forms for 3000 gallon
fish rearing tanks 1, 2, 3, and 4.  
Some Plumbing work done.
Sub Foundation Dirt Work and
Plumbing for 66' Raft #1
Cement Sub Foundation for Raft
#1 and #2.  Each 66' Long.
Sub Foundation Cement Poured
for Raft #1 and #2
Pre-Slab for Fish Rearing tanks
Pre-Pour buildup for Raft #1 and #2
Raft #1 and #2 Poured
Rearing Tank #1 Poured.  Tanks
#2 and #3 Formed and ready to
A look inside Fish Rearing Tank
#1.  It will hold 3000 Gallons.
Rafts #1, #2, #3, #4 Poured.  Raft
#5 being formed.
Closer view of rafts #2, #3, #4
Raft #5 Poured in forms.  Raft #6
pre-pour buildup.
View from the back.  Raft #6
per-pour buildup.  Raft #5
formed and poured.  Rafts #4,
#3, #2, #1 already poured.
        Just What Is Aquaponics?

Before we answer that question we must know that Aquaculture is
the growing of fish by feeding them a nutritious diet in a
is the growing of plants in a soil-less media or water. The plants in
Hydroponics can be done for either entertainment or profit.  Now we
will answer our original question.  Aquaponics is the integration of
Aquaculture and Hydroponics.  The system starts with the fish.  The
water first starts in the fish tank where the fish are fed regularly to
ensure proper growth.  The water leaves the tank and proceeds to
the Hydroponic bed.
When the water is traveling between the tank and the bed is where
the genius begins.  The heavy solids from the fish are first to be
cleaned out.  After that the Ph level is checked and adjusted
accordingly to maintain a Ph level of 7.0(Neutral).   Some trace
minerals that the fish and fish food do not supply are needed to
grow healthy plants and are at this time added.  
The NUTRIENT RICH water travels to the Hydroponic bed and feeds
the plants with all that was acquired during its journey, only to be
returned to the fish tank and begin again.  Sounds simple doesn't it?
Aquaponics can be simple if you are diligent to the project and
follow a few simple rules.  When the process is followed correctly
plants.  A properly maintained Aquaponics system can grow
upwards of 30,000 pounds of food annually, on less than an acre of
land and only 1-2 % of water supplement.
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Aquaponics and More!
Platform for mineralization
1000 gallon cone shape clarifier
tank(4ft in ground) with
mineralization platform in
Platform with mineralization
tanks installed
A view of both the clarifier tank
as well as mineralization tanks
1000 gallon cone shape clarifier
installed 4ft in ground.
Water supply lines from fish
rearing tanks to hydroponic
Installing water lines and clarifier