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Stand Construction includes:
-4 Square Styrofoam Containers
-1 7ft piece of 1" metal conduit
-PVC sleeve
-Bottom growing bucket (2 sizes)
-Small water displacement top bucket
Getting water to your stands
We first start with a 55 gallon drum filled with water.  
Nutrients should be added and Ph balanced before you
feed your plants.  These drums must be kept in a cool
and dark place. Temperature must be at the appropriate
level or roots will not retain the proper nutrients.  If the
sun comes in contact with your water supply you will be
at a constant uphill battle against algae growth.  Algae
will steal all the nutrients that you just got done adding
to the mix.  This is not good.
Protecting your water with an insulated box of some
sort is highly advised.  A dark well protected area of a
shed would do for a while depending on your climate.  
You need to decide what you will do during the
extreme weather months.  Summer months will
increase water and soil temperature.  Winter can
completely shut down your system.  Take precautions
before you get yourself in trouble and lose a crop.
Actually getting the water where you need it to go is
also important.  We have found that 550 GPH
submersible pumps work well for all of our applications.
A periodic cleaning of these is sometimes needed
(Maybe Twice a Year). With a 1/2" non-transparent
semi-flexible hydroponic water supply line and a 1/8"OD
.72"ID emitter line we have been very successful (You
can see these pictured below).  A maximum of 16
emitters with an optimum of 12 is recommended for this