Thank you for your interest in our growing adventures!  We
hope that as we continue to expand that you take advantage
of the opportunities we provide.  The systems we are
implementing are revolutionary to the agriculture and
growing industry and we will do as much as we can to give
you the sneak peek inside everything we are doing.  Feel
free to browse our pictures and explore all that we have
experienced.  Our goal is to make growing fun for you and
maybe we can learn a thing or two along the way.  Check
back regularly to see our updated growth.

Aquaponics and More!
For Your Greenhouse, Hydroponic, and Aquaponic Needs
6600 Glen Rose Hwy Granbury, TX 76048
Phone (817) 579-7082
Retail Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 1pm - 5:30pm
This is our store located in Granbury Texas on Hwy. 144
Inside our production greenhouse,
you can see how our basket
hydroponic system is doing great!  
We use automatic timed systems
and hanging baskets.  The baskets
give the right amount of space for
the roots to gain access to
necessary nutrients and oxygen.  
Our "NO GUESS" formulas work
perfectly with this system.
Tilapia Breeding Tanks
Tilapia Nursery System
Family Sized Aquaponic System
This system is used to mature the tilapia
until they are ready for the big rearing tanks
(about 8 weeks).  These aquariums are
cleaned with a clarifier and biofilter only.  
The habitat provides an area for the tilapia to breed.
On the right of the aquarium, you will see a
caged area where the tilapia fry are able to
escape predation from the larger fish.   We are
able to section them off with a plexiglass sheet
and scoop them out with a net in this area.  
A biofilter, clarifier, and UV sterilizer are used to
keep the water clean.  The UV sterilizer allows
us to see when we have new fry to catch.  We
also keep the water at about 85 degrees,
optimum for tilapia breeding.
Solid Waste is removed by use of a settling
We have 4 aquariums and two growing beds.
The chives on the left have done well.  
Mixed lettuce on the right has just begun