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items chosen by you!
Organic Coco Fiber
Easy to use coco
fiber gives your
plants a clean start
for rapid root
growth. Oxygenates
roots while retaining
much needed
Growing Media
Growers Price$9.99
An organic
powerhouse of
premium nutrients.  
Watch your plants
come alive with
Ocean Forest!
Ocean Forest Soil
1.5 cubic ft.
Growers Price$25.99
Hydroton Clay
Pebbles provide
great aeration
while holding
the moisture your
plants need.
Growers Price$6.99
5 liter bag
Seed Starting
10"x 20" Cut Tray
Growers Price$1.99
Works great in combination with 7"
Mini Greenhouse and 72 cell pack
insert for a quick start seed station.
7" Mini Greenhouse
Growers Price$6.99
Two adjustable vents allow you to
adjust temperature and humidity,
guaranteeing better results! Works
well with 10"x 20" Cut Tray.
72 Cell Pack Insert
Gives you 72 planting stations,
plenty of space to germinate a
whole garden! Works only with
10"x 20" Cut Tray.
Growers Price
Pots &
5 Gal Black Bucket
This Heavy Duty
Plastic is great
for planting or as a
reservoir in a
hydroponic system.
Growers Price$7.99
T5 4' Fluorescent Light
Great for seed starting or
maintaining a small indoor
(2' available $27.99)
Growers Price$32.99
Perlite Growing Media
An excellent media for hydroponic
and conventional gardens. Absorbs
nutrients keeping them readily
available for your roots.                        
Grower's Price
Small              $8.99
Medium        $14.99
Large            $25.99
3" Grow Pot
Perfect for transplanting seedlings
or germinate right from this
Growers Price
Submersible Pumps
Choose Your Size
All Purpose Fertilizer
Good for the
garden with a
wide variety.  
The best bang
for your buck!
5 lb.
Growers Price
4" Air Stone
Adding oxygen to your reservoir is
the easiest way to increase quality
growth! See great results with this
4" Air Stone. Use with the Oxy Plus
for winning combination!
Oxy Plus Air Compressor
Grower's Price
Adding oxygen to your water          
increases nutrient uptake of
roots and promotes overall health.
M-Pede Pesticide
Rid your plants of those pesky bugs.
All natural ingredients ensures the
safety of you and your family.
Grower's Price
Call for current price
Well draining bottom,
lightweight, and easy to
hang almost anywhere.  
Our preferred growing
container for
Grower's Price $1.99
Grower's Price
Grower's Price
Call for
Grower's Price
Outdoor Digital Timer
Spray Bottle
Dipel Organic Pesticide
Kills caterpillars
with no
Other Important Stuff
10" Hanging Pot
Grower's Price
T5 Commercial Grade
Delivers high lumen output for
your garden. Allows for multiple
hanging configurations.
Growers Price
4 tube $114.99
8 tube $189.99
Replacement Bulbs 54w
Daylight Spectrum tubes rated for
20,000 hours of use.
Growers Price
4' $10.99ea
2' $7.99ea
Copper Air Divider
12 outlets available with dials to
adjust airflow rate.
Grower's Price